Who We Are

Apps Mine has systems and methods in place to ensure that each project is met with the same professionalism and attention as the last. We have outlined our web development and web design process for building a solution that works for a specific organization, ensuring effective results.

About Us

AppsMine InfoTech, founded in 2010, is IT Services, Web Design, Software Development & Consulting company that offers a comprehensive suite of services to fit your business. AppsMine InfoTech works closely with clients to develop the best possible web solution for their company. From our extensive experience in Design & Development, AppsMine InfoTech has developed a wide range of web solutions for various businesses across numerous industries. Our web development work over the years has involved web Development, e-commerce shopping cart solutions and custom software development.


AppsMine InfoTech explores your needs and workflow procedures through a detailed discovery process that helps to eliminate certain assumptions that may result in inflated production costs or prolonged timelines.

Logical Workflow

AppsMine InfoTech defines your projects workflow in order to flag potential bottle-necks in the production process.

Tier Design

AppsMine InfoTech separates the various layers of an application to ensure security and flexibility for future growth.

Interface Prototypes

AppsMine InfoTech goes through the web design process to determine the interface and user experience before production to reduce costs and improve timelines.

Production & Deployment

AppsMine InfoTech adheres to the preceding steps in order to provide a smooth production process, resulting in projects of high quality that are delivered on time and on budget.